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Airfreight services Have you ever traveled from one country to another? Travel is a fun thing that many people love, it is a good and new adventure from which the human acquires new skills and experiences because it mixes with a lot of people and knows a lot about their habits and traditions and experiences […] Read More

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Airfreight services

Have you ever traveled from one country to another?
Travel is a fun thing that many people love, it is a good and new adventure from which the human acquires new skills and experiences because it mixes with a lot of people and knows a lot about their habits and traditions and experiences different from the experiences of the country or the country in which he lives, but there is a side that can cause anxiety for every traveler and make the travel experience very tiring Since the traveler is shopping and wants to transport the shipments and items he wants to ship through the EUROPEAN Union after the completion of his journey and return to his country and wants to make sure that everything will arrive safely and safely and will arrive in time when the traveler arrives in his country, and everyone wants to make sure that the shipment will arrive without delay or any damage to it.

Shipping excess baggage by air freight is the best solution for it, you should know that at the airport you will pay a lot of money for any excess weight of your property and this will cost you a lot of money other than shipping it, so the best solution is to resort to shipping excess baggage when you finish your journey and make the decision to return home.
Don’t waste your time at the airport and end your journey with a lot of problems, where we can help you and take care of the transportation of your excess luggage and shopping items, because we always give importance to your comfort and enjoy your time and end your journey in complete peace and do not want to waste your precious time and fully realize the importance of air freight and how important it is to save the trouble of taking care of your bags and luggage and it ends a lot of trouble for you.AirFreight

The importance and advantages of air freight:

Air freight is one of the most effective ways to ship and transport goods by air. Where there are a lot of benefits and advantages of air cargo, which we will mention some of them, for example, you can reduce the risk of stealing goods and shopping items and transporting them accurately and safely without being damaged and open, due to the accuracy and efficiency of our company in the shipping process and the extent of its keenness to reach the charged items safely, where we work to protect you and your luggage when shipped from inside the airport and until it reaches the place to reach it As your goods are less likely to suffer any damage or damage before they reach you, we fully trust our services and our great ability to reach your luggage safely, peacefully and accurately so that we can participate in your enjoyment of your trip and have fun.

Excess baggage and shopping items

Shipping is one of the best and least expensive ways to get rid of excess baggage and your shopping items since at airports each passenger has a certain weight on the plane and the excess weight above the limit set for the passenger is paid an additional fee, and when you arrive at the airport with a large number of suitcases you will spend a long time inside the airport and stand on long lines to get your luggage, Therefore, shipping saves you from all this and saves your time and effort and enables you to arrive your luggage safely without taking anything but to pay some money.
Everything you need to transfer anything will be conveyed accurately just contact us and you will see our services and how efficient they are in transporting luggage and at appropriate costs commensurate with the weight of the shipment and the number of its contents, we help you to transfer everything you want to transfer from any country to any other country in record time and safely to ensure that everything arrives as it is without any damage to it or the contents of the shipment.

VIP services

Are you just thinking about getting comfortable and having fun? We always strive to provide all the services you are looking for to save you your time and money and you can have a fun time free of fatigue and solve a wonderful trip, we offer VIP services that enable you to relax and sit quietly and we take over all transportation procedures without paying any additional amounts of taxes, as we care to help you transport your shopping items and souvenirs and goods and devices as well We can send it anywhere you want within the EU and Germany as well.

Shipping is important and therefore we take good care of it to make it easier for you during your journey and get your luggage properly and this is the best choice that saves your time and money, we have more than one professional team that handles all the details of the shipping process from start to finish and this ensures an effective, accurate and fast shipping process.


You should be aware enough of the air freight process, it is a process that allows you and us to transport luggage, goods, parcels and anything of your own through the sky, where it is way more than wonderful and has many advantages, it is a very safe method and you can put your trust in it to transport what you want through the EUROPEAN Union, but you should know that there are materials that can’t be transported such as weapons, sharp substances, foods and flammable substances such as alcohol There are things that can be transferred, but if there is a permit, such as medicines and dry foods that can withstand several days without harm.
Delivering shipments is a very fast method preferred by most people from shipping because air freight is fast and arrives on time and therefore people use it to arrive their shipments quickly and safely, we put you a timetable put to you the itinerary of your shipment and determines when it will arrive approximately so that you are aware enough of the shipment and when to arrive at rest assured.

The most important thing that distinguishes our company in shipping operations

Our services are not only limited to air freight, but we also offer international shipping, where you can make several choices through which you can choose the best and appropriate way for you, but you should know that international sea freight is slightly slow and much cheaper than long-term air freight, and is also an environmentally friendly and harmless way because it puts a small carbon footprint from shipping by plane And here you can choose the right choice for you and comfortable shipping.
You should know that no matter how different shipping method you will choose, we offer you all shipping methods with accuracy, efficiency, efficiency, and security, so it is important to trust us and the services we provide to you and ensure that all your shipments and luggage will arrive accurately and without any damage and will arrive as it is, we have many years experience in various shipping operations whether air or sea within the EU and abroad and offer to ship. International at the best prices suitable for shipment, We offer air freight service for unaccompanied baggage with the highest efficiency and skill.

Because we are aware of the importance of transport and shipping, we always work to provide the best and devote ourselves to providing shipping efficiently from start to end in a reasonable and appropriate time, all you have to communicate with us and we assure you that you will never regret and will always deal with us we have done a lot and many international shipping services and air and naval in the European Union and many countries of the world All you have to do is shop as you want, and we have to move everything you want.

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