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International Transportation

The International transportation Airport is one of the longest and largest air terminals on the planet. With its very a great deal organized and cordial patron care workforce, it maintains on imparting one-of-a-kind expectation nice help to one hundred thirty public...

Air Cargo

We will now talk about air freight and customs clearance / An air cargo professional can be a corporation or a character to do the be counted of transferring merchandise beginning with one spot then onto the next. It is quintessential to figure out the IT provider for companies to enhance universally.

Excess baggage

Do you want to ship some excess baggage before you leave from any other country or within the EU? When anyone travels to any country in the world, they buy a lot of things, so they have a large number of excess baggage that needs a shipping company to ship to the...

Air Freight

Airfreight services Have you ever traveled from one country to another? Travel is a fun thing that many people love, it is a good and new adventure from which the human acquires new skills and experiences because it mixes with a lot of people and knows a lot about...

The giants of the air Shipment- aircraft

No other mode of transport has achieved such high growth rates in transport services in recent years as the airplane for Air Shipment. The reasons lie in the division of labor in the globalized world economy, which is becoming more and more intensive and the share for the production of high-quality products on different continents is constantly increasing. 

Our services

If you are a company or a forwarding agency for air shipment and want to bring your freight safely from A to B, we are your reliable logistics service provider at the Frankfurt am Main location. We are specialized in the Arabian area. Air freight offers the shortest transportation time of all modes of transport, so that you can plan your shipment precisely. We are also happy to take over your transport task or develop an individual complete solution for you.

If you want to ship goods in bulk, ocean freight is the cheaper option. The goods can be sent as general cargo, bulk goods or with the help of transport units (e.g. in containers). It takes longer than air freight but is therefore also the cheaper option.

We are happy to annouce about our Assembled Container collect for our next Container Shipment 21.06.2021 to Cairo. We start to collect the Shipping from privat or companys.. We will start to collect you request. Our supported Team will be happy to assist you. 

Do you know that ? They want to fly and when they check in they realize that they have to pay expensive excess baggage. For this problem we have the perfect solution for you, we offer excess baggage at Frankfurt Airport.

Your personal effects will be sent with a cargo plane, which is why we are cheaper than the airlines in most cases. Of course, this is done in the highest security standards, which is why some things are not allowed. These are pressure vessels, batteries and motors that are filled with oil or gasoline, even if there is none.

How does excess baggage work? As soon as you are at our counter, your luggage will be weighed first. The price changes depending on the distance and weight, the number of pieces does not matter. The waybill is then created within 5 minutes, you pay and you can easily go to the gate.



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Shipment collection.

Do you have problems transporting the goods to us in Frankfurt? In addition to excess baggage with air Shipment, we offer a freight pick-up service to Frankfurt am Main throughout Germany.

Fast Service

Thanks to our 24-hour service, we process every contact promptly.

Safely and reliably

Your freight or Shipment is transported according to the highest security standards.

Fair conditions

Contact us by email or give us a call and convince yourself of our prices.

Pick Excess Baggage Anywhere in Germany

Freight collection takes place across Germany, saving you time and money.

Choose Your Transportation

You have the choice of air Shipment, sea or land.


Best Rate Fees

we have the right offer for everyone need Air Shipment service.


Flexible Cancellation

A phone call or email is enough to cancel your order.

How long does flight shipment to Dubai take ?

The air transport or air Shipment usually takes 2-4 days worldwide.

How much does air freight to Shanghai cost ?

The price for air shipment is differs depending on the weight and distance. and also depending on the airline. 

In which countries do you send the goods ?

we transport worldwide if there is an airport. in the most of the airports have also Cargo the we can do the air shipment at Cargo.

Do I have to pay money again when I receive my goods?

When you receive your goods, you have to pay a small service fee again on site.